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The Foundation for the Development of Sustainable Policies (FUNDEPS) is a nonprofit organization based in Argentina, whose work is aimed towards the development of a fairer, more equitable and inclusive society, promoting a sustainable development, respectful of human rights, through advocacy in public policies at the local, national an international levels.

To achieve these goals, FUNDEPS promotes the empowerment of community stakeholders in the development process through training, lobbying, policy & research, strategic litigation and cooperation.

FUNDEPS’ work is supported mainly by international funders that rely in our work and donate funds to our projects. We do not accept funding from companies or governmental agencies that could enter in interest conflict with our work.

Among our objectives, there is the promotion of transparent public policies. Therefore, it is a value that we apply in our internal management. Bellow, the detail of the historical funders, the composition of the previous year’s funding, as well as the detail of expenditures according to the different thematic areas.



To contribute to the strengthening of a fairer, more equitable and more inclusive society which, through democratic and participatory mechanisms, promotes a sustainable development, respectful of human rights.

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