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Argentine Network for International Cooperation

The Argentine Network for International Cooperation (in Spanish, Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional, RACI), produces and spreads periodically public information related to International Cooperation. Thereby, it seeks to democratize its access and provide a solid and reliable source of information to individuals and institutions.

The Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI) is an organization made up of 99 Civil Society Organizations (CSO) from Argentina. The organization seeks to be a link between CSO, which work or want to do so with the support of the International Cooperation and International Cooperation Agents, who perform social investment for development in the country. Its main objective is to create a space for exchange and dialogue between both actors in order to strengthen the institutions in their access to the International Cooperation, and, subsequently, to contribute to the social transformation of Argentina.

RACI wants to democratize the access to the funding sources, generate and disseminate information related to foreign help, develop and optimize the capabilities and resources of CSO, and collaborate with the agents of the International Cooperation for the optimization of their actions and the search for solutions to various problems.

Through its areas and programs, the network contributes with the institutional strengthening of CSO through seminars, workshops, lectures and discussions, in order to develop new resources and capabilities that facilitate access to International Cooperation. Among the tools that it gives to the civil society, there are several studies and publications on trends and statistics of international aid, such as the Handbook to facilitate access to International Cooperation- A tool of strengthening for civil society organizations, the Directory of International Cooperation – A resource guide for civil society organizations, and the System of Information on Cooperation for Development (SICAD).