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Coalition for Human Rights in Development

The Coalition for Human Rights in Development (formerly Bank on Human Rights) is a global coalition of over 50 social movements, civil society organizations, and grassroots groups working to ensure that all development finance institutions respect, protect, and fulfill human rights. It strives to bring more coordination to a global movement led by communities and supported by civil society organizations.

Communities, indigenous peoples, and civil society organizations have won impressive gains in development policy over the years. But too often, we work in isolation – fighting against different institutions, different projects and policies, in different countries, with seemingly different demands, proposals, and interests. By uniting our efforts, sharing strategies and resources, and coordinating our voices, we can build a global movement to ensure that development funding – wherever it comes from – respects human rights. The Coalition for Human Rights in Development works to support members’ advocacy at the local, national, and international level. The Coalition helps to bridge different communities and to bring in new voices to this work, connecting the human rights and development arenas, and ensuring that advocacy is informed by and accountable to frontline communities and grassroots groups most impacted by development activities.  

The Coalition for Human Rights in Development supports members in a variety of strategies and approaches, from “inside” policy advocacy and development of technical tools, to “outside” community mobilization and capacity building. The Coalition directs its advocacy at some of the most influential development institutions, including strengthening the World Bank’s social and environmental “safeguard” policies. These safeguards are seen as global benchmarks for development, setting the terms not only for World Bank activities, but for how governments, banks, and corporations around the globe do business. The Coalition supports members’ national level advocacy to build transparency and accountability around development policy. Together we are developing human rights-based policy tools that can apply across development finance institutions, from national and regional banks, to the New Development Bank recently launched by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). As the Coalition grows, the Coalition for Human Rights in Development is building the foundation to support communities facing development-related human rights issues, and to enable communities to create and enact their own development plans.