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Tobacco Smoke Free Argentinian Alliance

The Tobacco Smoke Free Argentinian Alliance (in Spanish, ALIAR) is a coalition of more than 100 of civil society organization and persons that work in network, to promote legislation of tobacco control, particularly of 100% smoke free environments in all Argentinian territory.

The objective of ALIAR is to protect population health of devastating effects of other people’s tobacco smoke and discourage the consumption of tobacco through promotion and strengthening of public health policies.

Exposition to tobacco smoke is a public health problem that requires the conjunct action of governments and civil society. The implementation of effective policies that provide universal protection is the only way to guarantee all people exercise of human rights, such as right to life, right to physical integrity, right to health and right to decent and equitable working conditions.

ALIAR is not exclusively a group of medical organizations. On the other hand, between their members there are human rights organizations, environmental organizations, health professionals associations, catering trade associations and organizations from the communication sector. ALIAR aims to strengthen networking between these organizations in the promotion of tobacco control policies and coordinating actions with governments to guarantee their effective implementation