• 26/Jun/2017

    Despite not having designated authority, the Office of the Public Defender continues to receive international awards for its management in previous years. In this case, the "Inter-American Award for Innovation for Effective Public Management".

  • 23/Jun/2017

    More than 25 civil society organizations demanded the Minister of Social Development, Carolina Stanley, the immediate restoration of all disability pensions suspended and withdrawn retroactively, and all social or health benefits that they They derive. In addition, we raise the insufficiency of the explanations given publicly

  • 18/Jun/2017

    Shortly before his death, Vicente (87) and Argentino (81) may have thought of his family, what they would eat the next day, the cold outside, or what they saw on television that night. Maybe they felt lonely or abandoned, far from everything they loved in life. But surely they did not think that a short circuit in the caloventor that warmed the geriatric room where they lived would condemn the two to suffer a horrible and painful death. Both died because of the serious burns they suffered, only to join a sad list that thickens every winter.

  • 12/Jun/2017

    FUNDEPS has started a crowdsourcing campaign to assist local communities in Cordoba, Argentina, affected by the intensive use of Agrochemicals (pesticides and fertilizers). From June 12th to 30th, you can help us by donating through  Global Giving.

  • 02/Jun/2017

    The project "Centro Ambiental Carlos Paz" presents serious irregularities and violates environmental regulations and participation. It would affect Lake San Roque and would not be a definitive regional solution to the historical problem related to the integral management of solid urban waste.

  • 02/Jun/2017

    More than 20 civil society organizations submitted a petition to the Argentine State at the beginning of May, in order to carry out the pending reports on the state of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR).

  • 31/May/2017

    A study in the capital of this province shows that in Córdoba, tobacco companies continue to advertise their products at points of sale through shelves and exhibitors.

  • 26/May/2017

    Representatives of civil society and native communities participated in the workshop in the city of Bogotá (Colombia). The result was the elaboration of an agenda that complements the territorial demands of the affected communities with the proposals raised from civil society and the academy.

  • 25/May/2017

    As was the news in the past few months, "Belén", the Tucuman woman who had been imprisoned for two years accused of the murder of her newborn baby in a hospital, was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Tucumán on March 23 of this year.

  • 24/May/2017

    The Board of Directors of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Rosario (UNR) voted, at the beginning of May, to incorporate an optional subject that addresses the practice of termination of pregnancy in cases permitted by law, such as Public health problem. From FUNDEPS, we celebrate the resolution.