• 19/Aug/2017

    Together with the Inter-American Heart Foundation (FIC), Argentina presented an amicus curiae before the Constitutional Court of Colombia on August 10, in a cause of censorship of a campaign to raise awareness of the effects of sugary drinks.

  • 03/Aug/2017

    From July 31 to August 4, Buenos Aires hosts the Seventh Negotiating Meeting of the Regional Agreement on Access Rights in Environmental Matters, organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Government Argentinian.

  • 30/Jul/2017

    We express our concern about the unsatisfactory responses of the Ministry of Social Development and non-compliance with due process regarding the massive suspensions of non-contributory pensions of persons with disabilities.

  • 23/Jul/2017

    Buenos Aires, July 18. We participated in the first meeting of the National Commission on Healthy Eating and Obesity Prevention that takes place in the Ministry of Health of the Nation. Institutions and personalities specialized in the subject are involved.

  • 23/Jul/2017

    On July 19 we participated in a dialogue table, which called the Young Córdoba Agency, with different representatives of civil society organizations: TierraVida, OAJNU, Green Drinks and Plurals.

  • 11/Jul/2017

    Many organizations are against the bill of "religious freedom", because it is unconstitutional, undemocratic and regressive in the human rights of citizens.

  • 10/Jul/2017

    In the media, in justice and in the most diverse areas of debate, there is still discussion about the need to establish female seats in order to gain access to political positions. Although women make up more than half the population, in no decision-making area we reach 50% representation in Argentina. In this context, quotas are a tool for changing unequal historical trends.

  • 26/Jun/2017

    Despite not having designated authority, the Office of the Public Defender continues to receive international awards for its management in previous years. In this case, the "Inter-American Award for Innovation for Effective Public Management".

  • 23/Jun/2017

    More than 25 civil society organizations demanded the Minister of Social Development, Carolina Stanley, the immediate restoration of all disability pensions suspended and withdrawn retroactively, and all social or health benefits that they They derive. In addition, we raise the insufficiency of the explanations given publicly

  • 18/Jun/2017

    Shortly before his death, Vicente (87) and Argentino (81) may have thought of his family, what they would eat the next day, the cold outside, or what they saw on television that night. Maybe they felt lonely or abandoned, far from everything they loved in life. But surely they did not think that a short circuit in the caloventor that warmed the geriatric room where they lived would condemn the two to suffer a horrible and painful death. Both died because of the serious burns they suffered, only to join a sad list that thickens every winter.