Working Areas

Área de Gobernabilidad Global

In a world marked by globalization and dependence, global governance assumes that at the time of tackling opportunities and threats of common character, decisions fall back as much on state actors as the non-state actors, among them civil society.

Thus, through research, training, capacity building and advocacy, the global governance area at Fundeps seeks to promote public policies and influence processes of development and global frameworks to ensure transparency, participation and the protection of human rights and the environment in making decisions at a local and international level. To that end, we follow institutions that channel international funding such as International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and national institutions with international projection such as different state actors that intervene in the financing for infrastructure and physical integration at regional level.

Key topics:

- Transparency, participation and access to information in IFIs.

- Access to justice in IFIs.

- Environmental sustainability and operational policies of IFIs.

- Financing for infrastructure and regional physical integration. 

Área de Fortalecimiento Democrático y Calidad Institucional

Through research, training, capacity building and advocacy, we seek to ensure the respect of rights and principles linked to the democratic and republican system. 

Key topics:

- Transparency and access to public information.

- Participation and monitoring public policies. 

- Open Government. 

Área de Derechos Humanos

Through research, training and capacity building, advocacy and public interest litigation in particular, Fundeps seeks to ensure the respect of human rights at a domestic level with a focus on vulnerable communities.

Key topics:

Right to a healthy environment and sustainable development.

Right to health.

Gender equality and sexual diversity.