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What is the national anti-corruption plan that seeks to consolidate “transparency and integrity”?

Corruption is a complex, multifaceted, social, political and economic phenomenon that affects all countries, with serious consequences. According to the World Bank "... corruption is commonly defined as the abuse of a public or private office…

Organizations meet with the Federal Council for Transparency for the first time

On May 21, the third meeting of the Federal Council for Transparency in the city of Salta was held. For the first time, a space was opened for the participation of civil society organizations. “Below, we offer a google translate version…

The Superior Court of Justice reviews the judgment of the Chamber and grants our request to access public information

On April 17, the Superior Court of Justice ruled in favor of a cassation appeal filed by Fundeps and Fundación Ciudadanos 365, through which they questioned the Chamber's decision to reject the amparos for delay in accessing information. and…

More than 100 organizations are calling on EITI to publish environmental information

On the initiative of the Peruvian organization 'Law, Environment and Natural Resources', on February 25, a letter was presented to the Board of Directors for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), demanding the publication…

Court filings for contamination in Chacra de la Merced

Desde FUNDEPS solicitamos la participación como "Amigo de la Corte" y como demandante privado en casos civiles y penales, respectivamente, iniciados contra una curtiduría que operaba ilegalmente a la altura de km. 3 y 1/2 de la carretera Chacra de la Merced.