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Equity in the media: why and for what?

In the early morning of June 11, the Law of Equity in the Representation of Genders in the Communication Services of the Argentine Republic was enacted. A Lley product of the feminist struggles in favor of a democratization in the media organizations…

Parity: that challenge always pending

We demand it in the marches, the partisan companions asked for, it has been promoted for decades with laws and projects and yet not. Again a priority male cabinet. Again a non-representative and non-diverse cabinet. After speculation, meetings,…

Gender parity: a necessary conquest

On November 23, 2017, the National Congress approved Law No. 27,412 on Gender Parity in Areas of Political Representation, the result of the harmonization of several projects presented in the Senate during 2016. The first one was the one presented…

70 years of female vote

September 23 is a reminder that gains in rights raise the bar for all citizens, and that a right can achieve that more than half of the population can finally choose. It has been 70 years since Argentina passed the law that allowed women to elect or be elected to political office.
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Female quotas YES are required

In the media, in justice and in the most diverse areas of debate, there is still discussion about the need to establish female seats in order to gain access to political positions. Although women make up more than half the population, in no decision-making area we reach 50% representation in Argentina. In this context, quotas are a tool for changing unequal historical trends.