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Civil society organizations call for transparency in World Bank safeguards review

On Thursday 26 May, FUNDEPS and other 68 civil society organizations from different countries, signed a letter asked World Bank management to maintain transparency throughout the ongoing review of its environmental and social policies.

New 2015 Annual Report

We are pleased to introduce our 2015 Annual Report, a brief summary of our activities and achievements of the past year.

The China Factor

What information is available about Chinese investments in Latin-America and the Caribbean? How do these investments affect the natural resources governance in Peru, Colombia, Argentina y Mexico?

FUNDEPS participates of the International Secretariat of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development

FUNDEPS will be part of the International Secretariat of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development. The objective is to support the efforts regarding the BRICS New Bank of Development, the Human Rights Due Diligence Project, as well as dissemination and advocacy activities in Latin America.

Discussion about Environmental Protection and Transparency in Extractives Industries

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative was created in 2003. EITI is an international strategic alliance and it tries to get together governments, extractive businesses and civil society organizations of 49 countries. Its objective is about developing and implementing transparency measures on extractive activities’ payments.

Fundeps at Global Conference EITI 2016

On February 24th and 25th, the EITI Global Conference (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) is taking place in Lima (Peru). The conference has the objective of providing transparency and social participation opportunities regarding extractives activities. Fundeps and other civil societies organizations supported this stance.

New Research Report: Is the glass half full?

Eleven civil society organizations and our organization presented a research report called: Glass Half Full? This report talks about the obstacles of communities to access to accountability tools when a specific project concerns them. "Glass…

Increasing Chinese role in development Financing for Latin America

The discussion in general terms about China´s financial Role in Latin America. On the other hand, the discussion in particular focuses on this phenomena in Argentina.

Position towards the new Environmental and Social Framework of the WB.

In the framework of a public consult made last December 8th in the city of México, over 180 Civil Society Organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean sent their position regarding the second draft of the new Environmental and Social Framework of the World Bank. They asked for answers to the representatives of the region that are part of the Executive Board.

The MICI disseminates its new Policy in Buenos Aires

A workshop that seeks to disseminate the new Policy of the Independent Mechanism of Consult and Investigation (MICI) of the IDB, took place in Buenos Aires. Many civil society´s organizations and individuals from all over the country took part in this event.