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We support the declaration of Principle 10 and the objectives of sustainable development

The Forum of Latin American and Caribbean Countries for Sustainable Development in Mexico City met for the first time in April. It presented the progress of the negotiation process of the Regional Agreement by Principle 10. "Below, we offer…

Severe lack of transparency in the budget of the National Council of Women

From FUNDEPS we express our concern for the lack of transparency and clarity in the management of the budget for the National Council of Women announced in the last Official Gazette. "Below, we offer a google translate version of the original…

Let’s all engage in the elaboration of the regional agreement on environmental matters

Our foundation is participating actively in the monitoring of the Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation, and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean, in accordance with Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration. By means of this letter we invite you to participate in the elaboration of the Guidance Document for Negotiations, providing comments and suggestions.

Right of access in environmental matters. Towards a Latin American regional convention. Fourth meeting on focal points: negotiations begin.

The process towards international environmental governance has its origin in 1972 in the Stockholm Conference, and developed through various conferences and summits.
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FUNDEPS participates in the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and the IMF, dominated by the review of the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguards

In addition to participating in the discussions and demonstrations that took place regarding the process of reviewing the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguards, FUNDEPS met with staff from the IDB and MICI; and it was part of a discussion panel where a publication about the current funding landscape for infrastructure in Latin America, prepared by the Regional Group on Finance and Infrastructure, was presented.

2010 Annual Report

Fundeps presents the Annual Report of its activities in 2010, making a balance of the main challenges, achievements, activities and lessons learned in its work in 2010.