International requests for the World Bank to change its perspective on health programmes

FUNDEPS signs up to the petition of 110 non-governmental organisations calling for the World Bank to change the criteria relating to projects in the area of health and to actively promote universal health coverage.

World Access to Public Information Day

On the occasion of commemorating the World Access to Public Information Day, César Murúa, coordinator of the FUNDEPS Area of Democratic Governance and co-administrator of the Transparent Cordoba Program, has published an article along with Mariano Mosquera, with their reflections regarding this right and the institutional implications it entails.
Convención Marco sobre Salud Global

Towards a Framework Convention on World Health

FUNDEPS supports global efforts to achieve a framework convention on World Health that assures equal standards in the exercise of the human right to health.
Las recomendaciones del Comité de DESC para Argentina

The CESCR recommendations for Argentina

The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights published their findings and recommendations for Argentina.