We seek to work with all the groups that intervene in the development process: with different government levels, other civil society organizations, the private sector, the academic sector, communities, and the public. The objective is to promote a sustainable, equitable and participatory development guided by human rights.

We structure our work in 5 areas that constantly interact and develop the following activities: research, training and capacity building, political advocacy, strategic litigation, networking, and awareness campaigns.

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Training to guarantee careful practices of Voluntary and Legal Interruption of Pregnancy in towns of Córdoba

Together with the ECOS Foundation, during the months of October, November and December 2022 we were participating in different training and education instances where we addressed fundamental contents to carry out careful accompaniment and…

Aborting is legal and accompanying too

A few days after the second anniversary of the enactment of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law, a new episode of persecution of the reproductive freedom of pregnant people occurred. This time in the city of Villa María, where 4 lifeguards…

Comments to strengthen the IDB’s Access to Information Policy

After participating in a series of face-to-face and virtual public consultations, a group of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from the region sent comments and suggestions to the IDB in the framework of the revision of the Bank's Access to…

Argentina advances towards a National Plan on Business and Human Rights

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship is coordinating the process of preparing a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. What are the progress so far and the next steps? “Below, we offer a google translate…

The Brazilian Ilan Goldfajn is the new president of the IDB

On November 20, the Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) appointed Brazilian candidate Ilan Goldfajn, former president of the Central Bank of Brazil and current director for the Western Hemisphere of the IMF, as its…

Climate change in Córdoba: a reality that worsens year by year

Climate change is the main challenge and threat in the 21st century. From Fundeps we carried out a survey and analysis of the climatic phenomena that occurred in Córdoba between 2000 and 2020, the results obtained are truly alarming. The authorities…

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