We seek to work with all the groups that intervene in the development process: with different government levels, other civil society organizations, the private sector, the academic sector, communities, and the public. The objective is to promote a sustainable, equitable and participatory development guided by human rights.

We structure our work in 5 areas that constantly interact and develop the following activities: research, training and capacity building, political advocacy, strategic litigation, networking, and awareness campaigns.

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We present an environmental injunction for the contamination of Lake San Roque

We presented an environmental protection before the Justice of Córdoba for the serious situation of contamination and degradation that Lake San Roque presents, one of the main reservoirs of Córdoba. “Below, we offer a google translate version…

We ask the authorities to update the National Tobacco Control Law

We sent to national authorities of the Executive and Legislative Power a document with legal arguments and scientific evidence that support the need to update the national law No. 26,687 of regulation of advertising, promotion and consumption…

An industry that does not give up

In these last 10 years we have seen great changes in the tobacco industry. Elegance and technology in its products, striking and advanced images, new words in its advertising campaigns and web pages. That is, the development of increasingly…

IDB began public consultation for the new Access to Information Policy

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced in August the opening of the public consultation process to receive input on the proposal for the new Access to Information Policy (PAI). This process will last 150 days and will include asynchronous…

We participated in a webinar on the IDB Information Access Policy

Within the framework of the current review process of the IDB Access to Information Policy, Fundeps, the Environment and Natural Resources Foundation (FARN) and the CAUCE Foundation: Environmental Culture – Ecological Cause held, on September…

IDB: the president was dismissed and the possibility opens for a Latin American woman

On Monday, September 26, following the recommendations of the IDB's Board of Executive Directors, the Board of Governors decreed the termination of Claver-Carone's functions as President of the Bank after the violation of various ethical standards…

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