La ley 27.610 sigue vigente.

Supreme Court must reject litigation against abortion law

Faced with the ruling of the Federal Court of Appeals of Salta that intends to validate that "every citizen" can request the suspension of the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, a group of civil society organizations filed an appeal…

Salta: the doctor guaranteed the rights of the young woman to a legal interruption of pregnancy

Today they arrested a doctor at the Juan Domingo Perón Hospital, in Tartagal, in Salta, for practicing a Legal Interruption of Pregnancy. The practice was requested by a patient of legal age, in full exercise of her autonomy. To apply for the…

We present a proposal to eliminate trans fats in Argentina

From Fundeps, SANAR, FIC Argentina, Fagran and Argentine Consumers we sent a proposal to the National Food Commission (CONAL) for Argentina to move towards a more restrictive regulation of trans fats and that prohibits the use of partially hydrogenated…

We provide general guidelines for the Yolanda Law at the provincial level.

In conjunction with Fundación TierraVida and Ecohouse Córdoba, we formulate contributions for the formulation of general guidelines for conducting training within the framework of the Yolanda Law. “Below, we offer a google translate version…

Abortion is law: New judicial defeat for the anti-rights sectors

This Thursday the Superior Court of Justice of Córdoba rejected the appeals that sought to suspend Law 27,610 on Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in our province through a precautionary measure. In this way, it confirms that the regulations…

Mapping of training needs of the Popular, Feminist, Social and Solidarity Economy.

Together with the Provincial University of Córdoba (UPC), we began a mapping of training needs of organizations of the Popular, Feminist, Social and Solidarity Economy of the province. The results will be reflected in training proposals adjusted…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

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