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We participate in the 3rd Conference of the Parties to the Escazú Agreement

From April 21 to 24, we participated in the Third Conference of the Parties to the Escazú Agreement (COP3) that took place in Santiago, Chile. Likewise, we were part of the event that was held previously (Pre-COP) and the parallel panels of…

We launched the guide for reflection and transformation “Rethinking the economy: a feminist perspective”

During the months of August and October 2023, from Fundeps, together with the Córdoba Feminist Economy Space and with the support of the Heinrich Böell Foundation and the UPC Extension Secretariat, we carry out the Rethinking the Economy Training…


On Thursday, April 25, the plenary session of the Budget and Finance, General Legislation and Constitutional Affairs Committees of the Chamber of Deputies reached the opinion on the new law of Bases and starting points for the freedom of Argentines…

The fight for decent food in Argentina: perspectives and challenges

In situations of multidimensional crisis, such as the one our country is going through, those who suffer the most are the lower-income sectors and, in particular, girls, boys and adolescents. The withdrawal of the State and economic deregulation…

Opening of sessions: it is urgent that Congress reject DNU 70/2023

Within the framework of the opening of the ordinary sessions of the National Congress, civil society organizations reiterate our request for treatment and rejection of the decree “Bases for the Reconstruction of the Argentine Economy.” “Below,…

ESI because Yes, guaranteeing Comprehensive Sexual Education is expanding rights

This is the slogan of our campaign that seeks to debunk myths about CSE, promote open debates and provide essential knowledge that allows students to exercise their rights and lead a healthy and fulfilling life. “Below, we offer a google…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

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