We renew ourselves: changes of authorities in Fundeps

“Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in Spanish. This translation may not be accurate but serves as a general presentation of the article. For more accurate information, please switch to the Spanish version of…

Trunk gas pipelines: What will happen to the most vulnerable population?

The Comprehensive Gas Infrastructure Program - or the Trunk Gas Pipeline Program - promoted by the government of the Province of Córdoba, came to an end in 2019 with the completion of the works. By 2022, works continue at the municipal level,…

Projects financed by the IDB during the pandemic in Latin America: risks and benefits for whom?

On June 16, we participated in the WEBINAR in which the document was presented: "Investments of the Inter-American Development Bank for the response and recovery to COVID-19 in Latin America. Risks and benefits for whom?", created in collaboration…

Civil society organizations call for public policies free from interference from the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry continues to meddle in public policy. Argentina still has not ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Civil Society Organizations issued a Public Declaration warning about the importance of guaranteeing non-interference…

Digital strategies of the tobacco industry: how it is convincing us to buy its new products

The tobacco industry does not sleep and constantly reinvents itself: from new supposedly healthy products, to the ways of advertising them and reaching more and different audiences. We tell you in this note what are the main strategies and scapegoats…

Industry interference in the regulation of tobacco and nicotine products

It is not new that, based on different marketing strategies, the tobacco industry has been making us believe for more than 80 years that consuming its products will make us more cool, have more success in our lives or see ourselves much more…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

{el entramado} Contamos historias. Acercamos Realidades.



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