Drinking water in Alta Gracia: we present an injunction due to lack of public information

Together with the Table for Water and the Environment of Alta Gracia we present an action for protection for default against the Provincial Administration of Water Resources, for not having responded to a request for public information that…

We participated in the 2nd Forum on Environmental Defenders of Latin America and the Caribbean

During September 26, 27, 28 and 29 we were participating in different activities linked to the Second Annual Forum on Human Rights Defenders in Environmental Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. This Forum is organized by ECLAC in its…

Breaking the mold: advocacy from a feminist perspective

From Fundeps, together with IDEJUS and Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir, we present “Breaking schemes: a Conversation on Feminist Litigation” at the Faculty of Law of the National University of Córdoba. We spoke with an international…

Argentina’s entry into the BRICS: what does it mean?

On August 22-24, the 15th BRICS Summit took place in South Africa, where heads of state of the member countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, whose acronym is the acronym) met at a high-level forum to discuss key issues for…

We participate in the 2023 Global Open Government Summit

Between Tuesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 7, the 8th Open Government Global Summit (OGP Global Summit) was held in Tallinn, Estonia. It brought together members of the Open Government Global Partnership (OGP) from both governments…

Kit of materials: Let’s build a healthier school

From Fundación Sanar, Fundeps and Fagran we launched "Let's build a healthier school", materials aimed at the educational community. Their objective is to promote the implementation of the labeling law in school environments and reflect on…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

{el entramado} Contamos historias. Acercamos Realidades.



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