The province of Córdoba adhered to the Yolanda Law

Today the provincial Legislature approved the adhesion project to the Yolanda Law for comprehensive environmental training, with a perspective of sustainable development and with special emphasis on climate change for people who work in public…

Access to Information Agency: The Executive must present a new proposal to designate its authority

Joint statement of ACIJ, Democracia en Red, Legislative Directory, Fundeps, Citizen Power, Vía Libre and the Regional Alliance for Free Expression and Information, on the occasion of the conclusion of the hearing in which the set of observations…

We have done observations on the Projects of provincial adhesion to the Yolanda Law

Within the framework of said treatment, the Environment Commission has held a number of open meetings with certain civil society organizations and people dedicated to the defense of the environment, in order to hear their opinion. Although…

The Deliberative Council of Córdoba would prohibit the display of ultra-processed products in checkout lines

The Deliberative Council of Córdoba would approve this Thursday a project that prohibits the display of ultra-processed products online from supermarket, hypermarkets and drug stores. “Below, we offer a google translate version of the original…

Negotiations between Argentina and China continue for the construction of Atucha III

Argentina and China are advancing in the negotiations for the construction of Atucha III, the fourth nuclear power plant in our country, with Chinese technology and financing. US officials expressed their concern to the President of the Nation…

The day of the animal in Argentina

On April 29, the day of the animal was celebrated in Argentina, in tribute to Ignacio Lucas Albarracin, a lawyer from Córdoba who from the Society for the Protection of Animals, safeguarded their rights and promoted the first Animal Protection…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

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