Various sectors of Córdoba met to talk about the rollback of rights

This Friday, May 24, the meeting “Córdoba has impact: Conversation for disputed rights” took place with the participation of more than 100 people at the Museum of Anthropologies. It was organized by Fundeps, with the participation of more than 30 spaces.

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For three hours, reflections were developed around:

  • how the reduction in public spending affects university education, the scientific-technological system, the popular sectors and the media;
  • the consequences of the pension and labor reform proposal, focusing on private home workers; and the unconstitutionality of DNU 70/23.
  • the regulatory regressions in relation to the exploitation of natural resources, how communities experience these deregulations and the environmental impact of the Large Investment Regime (RIGI).

The discussion brought together representatives from various fields, including academia, social organizations, communities, media and unions.

An event with diverse voices and perspectives that help us understand some of the challenges we face and how to build collective strategies against the regression of rights.