Open letter from civil society organizations to IDB President Ilan Goldfajn

More than twenty organizations from Latin America and the United States addressed a letter to the president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Ilan Goldfajn. They ask that the Bank strengthen its work by committing itself to respect for Human Rights and the protection of the environment and that spaces be created for greater articulation with civil society.

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The organizations, members and allies of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development alluded in the letter to the commitment assumed by Goldfajn in his inaugural speech as president of the Bank to “take advantage of all opportunities for dialogue” and collaboration with governments, the sector private sector, academia and civil society to solve regional problems.

To strengthen the articulation with civil society, the organizations urged the Bank to open a space for dialogue with civil society at its Annual Meetings, not only because it is a good practice implemented by other multilateral organizations, but also because it is a unique opportunity. to include communities affected by projects.

Since 2017, the group of signatory organizations of the letter has been monitoring and enriching the Bank’s policies and projects that it hopes to continue carrying out. The organizations have contributed to the IDB Environmental and Social Policy Framework, updates to the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism policy, and the Bank’s Access to Information Policy review process.

The organizations seek the IDB to ensure in its practices and operations the promotion and respect of Human Rights, particularly of indigenous peoples, and the protection of key ecosystems in the fight against climate change.

The next Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the IDB and IDB Invest will be held in Panama from March 16 to 19.

Signatory organizations:

  1. Accountability Counsel
  2. AMATE El Salvador
  3. Articulación Salvadoreña de Sociedad Civil para la Incidencia en las Instituciones Financieras Internacionales (ASIFI)
  4. Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad
  5. Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente (AIDA)
  6. Bank Information Center
  7. Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
  8. Coalición para los Derechos Humanos en el Desarrollo
  9. Cohesión Comunitaria e Innovación Social A.C. (México)
  10. Conectas Direitos Humanos
  11. Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR, Perú)
  12. Ecoa – Ecologia e Ação
  13. Fundación para el Desarrollo de Políticas Sustentables (Fundeps)
  14. Fundación CAUCE: Cultura Ambiental – Causa Ecologista. (Argentina)
  15. Gender Action
  16. International Rivers
  17. International Accountability Project
  18. Mesa de Discapacidad y Derechos (Perú)
  19. Plataforma Internacional contra la Impunidad
  20. Protection International Mesoamérica
  21. Sociedad y Discapacidad – SODIS (Perú)
  22. Sustentarse (Chile)
  23. Wetlands International / Fundacion Humedales (Argentina)

Read the full letter here: Letter to IDB President


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Gonzalo Roza, gon.roza@fundeps.org


*Note originally published on the website of the Coalition for Human Rights in Development.