Budget and Rights: Working group on budget analysis

Last Thursday, November 24, we held a Working Group on Budget and Rights, together with the Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ), the Observatory of Labor, Economy and Society (OTES) and the accompaniment of the Federal Institute of Government (IFG) of the Catholic University of Córdoba.

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The activity was carried out in continuity with a series of virtual meetings that we held in August of this year, where conceptual issues of the public budget, the gender perspective within the budget, and some examples both in the national budget and in that of the province of Córdoba.

In the Working Group on Budget and Rights, the proposal was rather practical and was divided into two stages. A first exhibition, in which OTES commented on some of its reports and main findings after analyzing the budgets of the province of Córdoba, in recent years. From ACIJ and Fundeps we share where the main budget information is located in the province, to give rise to the second moment of the meeting for budget analysis by the attendees.

So, according to thematic affinities, we divided into groups and based on some triggering slogans, we navigated through the web portals of the province of Córdoba where budget information is found and we proceeded to analyze some policies or programs of interest. In this sense, there were groups on the environment, health, education, housing, disability and gender. At the end, we shared the findings in full and different exchanges were generated about the information that is available, the need to incorporate other elements and indicators when carrying out this type of analysis, among others.

This Table took place a week before the 2023 Budget Public Hearing will be held in Córdoba in the Legislature, which is why at the end we share the information on how to participate in it. It is essential that these spaces for participation are promoted and how to attend is clearly and accessible disseminated, with the aim of diversifying the voices in this space and democratizing the debate around a key element for the guarantee of our rights.

Thank you ACIJ for inviting us to be part of this initiative and we hope to continue generating spaces for dialogue, debate and research around the different public budgets that are dictated at the different levels of government.

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