Court filings for contamination in Chacra de la Merced

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From FUNDEPS we requested the participation as “Friend of the Court” and as private plaintiff in civil and criminal cases, respectively, initiated against a tannery that operated illegally at the height of km. 3 and 1/2 of the Chacra de la Merced road.

The past month of December formally presents an Amicus Curiae in the titled cars “Foundation of Third Generation C / Jolaga SRL – Environmental Protection”, (File 6229513) that is processed before the Civil and Commercial Court and the 45th Nomination of this city, for carry out the legal claims of the Court on the environmental damage caused by the contaminating activity of the JOLAGA tannery establishment SRL and the obligation that it has on it to recompose the environmental damage caused to the Suquía river.

The environmental protection initiated in February 2017 is aimed at the use of the activity developed for the establishment of wounds and the recomposition of the environmental damage caused.

All this is based on the illegal dumping of waste and residues in the Suquía River, on the Chacra de la Merced highway, km 3 1/2, by the establishment of JOLAGA SRL tanneries, owned by Jorge Ricardo Gawuryn and Ariel Gawuryn. , there has been a clear violation of the General Law of the Environment No. 25,675 and the Provincial Environmental Policy Law No. 10,208, which affects the rights of constitutional roots – right to a healthy environment – art. 41 CN -, right to health, right to life, not only of the population of the affected area but also of the entire community of the province of Córdoba.

In addition, due to the illegal and clandestine activity of possession, a criminal proceeding was initiated that culminated with the closure and with the imputation of tango owners JOLAGA SRL, Jorge Ricardo Gawuryn and Ariel Gawuryn, for the crime of continued environmental pollution, as co-authors, in accordance with the provisions of articles 55 of the Hazardous Waste Law 24,051, and 45 and 55 of the Criminal Code.

According to the investigation, the establishment operated almost ten years ago despite the complaining repetitions of the neighbors, throwing polluting substances into an open-air lagoon in the company’s facilities, and then they would have thrown them into an adjoining land, through of a pump drain. All these properties drain, by simple gravity, into the Suquía River.

As a foundation that promotes and encourages the realization of the right to a healthy and balanced environment, we consider that the contamination and environmental damage caused by the holders of privacy is a violation of these rights that we defend. For this reason, it requests the participation of a private prosecutor to promote the process and help the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the criminal investigation.

The neighborhood of Chacra de la Merced is located at the eastern end of the city of Córdoba, about 150 meters from Circunvalación Avenue and 200 meters from the Suquía River. For more than two decades it was part of the green belt of the city of Córdoba, today it has multiple sources of contamination. The worst thing is the Edar Bajo Grande wastewater treatment plant that has been dumping sewage into the Suquía River for years with poor treatment and even without treatment.

Other polluting industries are also sought, among them, such as JOLAGA SRL, quarries, lagoons produced by the extraction of aggregates converted into open air dumps, among others.

In this context almost 300 families live and the area has been declared in recent years in “environmental emergency” by the Municipality of Córdoba. However, there is no final non-compliance with the measures and actions provided, leaving the neighborhood forgotten in a “pollution river”.

In order to protect the fundamental rights of the residents of the neighborhood, a change of attitude was proposed to avoid impunity and the secrecy of this type of polluting activity. the mercy.

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