FUNDEPS participates of HackatONG organized by the National University of Córdoba

During Cordoba’s TIC(Communication and Information Technology) Week and the Second Regional Forum for Program.AR, FUNDEPS proposed that programmers work on an application for reporting non-compliance with Tobacco Control laws in order to encourage better protection of the right to good health.

Last Saturday, September 6th, the executive director of FUNDEPS, Juan Martín Carballo, and Juan Miguel Litvachkes, a member of the human rights area of FUNDEPS, attended the Hackathon organized during TIC Week and the 2nd Regional Forum for Program.AR.

The objective of the Hackathon was to bring together programmers and computer science students with NGOs to develop smartphone apps or websites to help solve a problem suggested by the participating organizations. In that context, the FUNDEPS Human Rights Team presented the project “Health Without Smoke”, an app that will help facilitate the reporting of violations of laws regarding smoke free areas.

FUNDEPS would especially like to thank the programming and computer science students who took part in the project and worked long hours very seriously and responsibly. They are: Giuliana Vierzaga, Emmanuel Santos, Juan Lorenzati, José Romami, Nicolás Angüino, Martín Reyes, Francisco Carranza y Lucía Pappaterra. For more information follow project updates on our twitter feed.

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Juan Martín Carballo

Juan Miguel Litvachkes

Translated by: James Cochran