Massive rejection of the reform of the Forest Law

Demonstrators warned that the proposed changes respond to “economic interests over the preservation of the environment”

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Members of various environmental, social, scientific and political organizations yesterday carried out a massive mobilization in the streets of our city to raise their rejection of the project of the ruling party that promotes modifications in the Law of Territorial Ordering of Native Forest. As it is known, the legislative treatment of the initiative of the Union coalition for Cordoba was postponed for February 2017 with the aim of seeking greater consensus. The march of the day began at the intersection of Cañada and Colón and then went to the Plazoleta del Fundador, near the Legislature, where a musical festival “For life and in defense of the native mountain” took place.

One of the artists who spearheaded this activity was the actor José Luis Serrano, creator of the character Doña Jovita, who for some weeks has been at the forefront of questioning the project. Meanwhile, the Coordinator in Defense of the Native Forest denounced that the changes promoted by the Province respond “to economic interests over the preservation of the environment”. In addition, he warned that “currently only 3 percent of the native forest remains, which puts at risk the lives of people who are affected by floods caused by the disruption caused by the dismantle.” For its part, the Foundation for the Development of Sustainable Policies (Fundeps) prepared a document objecting to the Native Forest Bill, in its understanding that it is not “normatively adapted to the minimum environmental protection budgets enshrined in our National Constitution and The environmental laws that refer to this matter, both procedural and substantive aspects.”

From Fundeps criticized that in the proposal oficialista:

… the conservation of the native forest existing in the province according to the map of law 9.814 is not guaranteed; No technical and scientific basis is taken into account; No legal minimum parameters are observed, which weakens the protection mechanisms of the native forest; And a real and effective access to the right to citizen participation in the process of updating the Territorial Ordering of Native Forests is not assured.

Likewise, it was indicated that:

… the restrictive definition of native forests given by the project excludes fachinales, arbustales and bush; Mining, chemical dismantling and through the use of fire, and rolling, are allowed in high forest conservation categories; And does not incorporate all the layers of infractions in the OTBN map.

Source: Hoy Día Córdoba