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Today, October 28, the Argentine Chamber of Deputies approved the bill to enter our country into the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Thus, the incorporation of Argentina as a Non-regional Member to the bank is made effective.

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On September 3, the Argentine Senate approved the bill for the entry of the Argentine Republic to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank -AIIB-. The approval of the law was carried out today, October 28, in the Chamber of Deputies by 235 positive votes and 4 negative votes.

The management for Argentina to form part of the Bank began in the first Forum ‘One Strip and One Route for International Cooperation’ held in 2017, in which the previous government management affirmed the country’s intention to be part of the AIIB and the The Bank’s Board of Directors approved the admission of Argentina to the Institution.

The Asian Bank was born in 2015 at the initiative of China and began operating in January 2016. It has 102 members from different regions of the world. AIIB is a multilateral financial institution and, between completed and ongoing projects, has already financed 138 infrastructure projects.

For Argentina, joining the AIIB means an additional alternative to access financing for infrastructure works through a new multilateral organization. However, although it has been proposed as a different alternative to Western multilateral banking, the AIIB does not escape the logic, operation and even institutional structure that characterizes institutions such as the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation or the Inter-American Development Bank. . In this sense, from civil society, criticisms and questions have been raised regarding the transparency, accountability and environmental sustainability of the projects financed by the bank, which should be taken into account by Argentina when receiving financing of this institution.

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