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LETTER TO THE INTENDENT MARTÍN LLARYORA: We need policies that address the problems of our city

Following the opportunity represented by the change of management at the municipal level, we want to express ourselves on key issues for the future of our city. Therefore, we jointly address other Cordoba organizations to the new Mayor of Córdoba,…

We urge the Municipality to comply with the Bajo Grande Mitigation Plan

Given the facts of public knowledge related to the report of the Environmental Police Directorate of the province of Córdoba regarding the malfunction of the Edar Bajo Grande plant, we insist on the claim presented in May of this year, by Fundeps…

We participated in a talk about the problem of Chacras de la Merced in the Siglo XXI University

On Friday, May 24, a talk was organized by the Environmental Law Chairs of the Lawyer's career and the Social Sustainability Center of the Siglo XXI University, in which members of the Omas de Chacras de la Merced Organization participated.…

We demand from the Municipality of Córdoba compliance with the Mitigation Plan of the Bajo Grande EDAR

Along with the Omas and neighbors of the Chacras de la Merced neighborhoods, Villa La Merced, Ciudad Mi Esperanza and Parque 9 de Julio, we filed a complaint against the mayor Ramón Mestre in which we denounced the non-compliance with the mitigation…