We participated in a talk about the problem of Chacras de la Merced in the Siglo XXI University

On Friday, May 24, a talk was organized by the Environmental Law Chairs of the Lawyer’s career and the Social Sustainability Center of the Siglo XXI University, in which members of the Omas de Chacras de la Merced Organization participated. and the Fundeps environment team.

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During the meeting, members of the Omas organization reported the structural and environmental problems that have been affecting the Chacras de la Merced district for years, the current situation and the strategies adopted. From Fundeps, we share the actions carried out throughout these years, the legal and advocacy tools used in public policies, and the possible strategies to follow in the face of lethargic, if not non-existent, action by the Municipal, Provincial States. and National.

The articulation between diverse actors was shaped as a fundamental pillar in the struggle for the respect of human rights, from the contributions that each civil society organization can provide for such purposes. Then, the students participated together with the teachers, expressing their concerns, reflections and contributions from a human rights and environmental perspective.

We appreciate the invitation made by the Siglo XXI University through the chairs of environmental law of the career of Advocacy and its Social Sustainability Center. We consider propitious these spaces of encounter and debate, not only for the articulation of actions of incidence and fight in pursuit of the environment, but as spaces of reflection and commitment with those problems that afflict certain sectors of our society, by those who for years we participate in them, and of those students who in the near future will be part of the fight for the right.


Juan Bautista Lopez – juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org