Alta Gracia: they denounce spraying near homes

After observing the presence of machines fumigating in fields near their homes, residents of the Tajamar Reserve District filed a complaint with the Judicial Unit of Alta Gracia.

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On the occasion of repeated fumigation episodes at a short distance from their homes, residents of the Tajamar Reserve District of the city of Alta Gracia, contacted Fundeps through our website “Agrochemical Emergency”. Concerned about the situation, after accessing information about the routes of action, they decided to file a criminal complaint with the Judicial Unit of the same city.

Thus, on October 28 they denounced that in repeated opportunities, at night hours and at a very short distance from homes, they were able to observe the presence of machines performing fumigation work. They also said that these fields are located a few hundred meters from their homes and that they have corn plantations. According to the complainants, there would be 60 families that would be affected by the spraying.

Based on the aforementioned complaint, a summary action was initiated, which was originally labeled as “Crime against Public Security.” The facts were communicated to the Prosecutor of Instruction of multiple competence of the city of Alta Gracia, in order to initiate the corresponding criminal investigation.

It should be remembered that this type of behavior – illegal spraying – is subject to sanction from Art. 55 and 56 of the hazardous waste law 24.051, which represses those using hazardous waste – please agrochemicals – poison, adulterate with imprisonment or contaminate in a manner dangerous to health, soil, water, atmosphere or the environment in general.


Augusto Lopez


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