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Alta Gracia: they denounce spraying near homes

After observing the presence of machines fumigating in fields near their homes, residents of the Tajamar Reserve District filed a complaint with the Judicial Unit of Alta Gracia. 2Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article…

Complaint for illegal environmental activities in Alta Gracia

In defense of the right to freely access water courses and the environment as a collective good, we made a complaint to the Environmental Police Directorate giving an account of the illegal activities developed in the Potrerillo de Larreta Country Club.
Amicus curiae

Amicus curiae to defend the right to health and the environment in Alta Gracia

The field of Human Rights of FUNDEPS presents amicus curiae demanding the effective application of the ban on fumigating in areas of protected environmental area in Alta Gracia to adequately protect the right to health and a healthy environment for the people.