Complaint for illegal environmental activities in Alta Gracia

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Last Thursday, October 19, we made a presentation to the Environmental Police Department denouncing alleged illegal activities developed in the Potrerillo de Larreta Country Club located in the city of Alta Gracia. Apparently, during the last weeks of September and the first weeks of October, large-scale geomorphological injury actions were carried out in the country inn sector in the “Los Paredones” stream; consisting of dredging, deepening and expansion of the reservoir in order to increase the exploitation of the water of the stream by the Country.

They signify a clear violation of the provincial environmental policy law, since in order to carry out this type of works it is necessary to previously complete the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, foreseen in Annex I, subsection 31 of Law 10.208 , which includes the holding of public hearings prior to the granting of the corresponding environmental license, a procedure that has not been completed in this case.

It is worth remembering that since 2012 the Potrerillo de Larreta Country Club has been involved in a judicial process against the province of Córdoba, for the enclosure of almost 4 km of the same stream restricting free transit to third parties and the use of it by the entire community, mainly alleging security reasons. In this instance, together with the collective “Todos por Nuestros Arroyos” we present an Amicus Curiae invoking the character of public good of the stream and the illegitimacy of the fences, finding the next cause to issue a sentence.

Without prejudice to this, the illicit actions continue and are part of a long-standing problem in Alta Gracia that involves particular interests to the detriment of the fundamental rights of all inhabitants. The enclosure of rivers, streams and lakes of provincial dominion by the owners of the estates adjacent to them, constitutes a clear illegitimate act that violates, among others, the right to free transit, the use, enjoyment and use of public domain waters and the constitutionally recognized human right of access to water.

From FUNDEPS we made this presentation hoping to contribute to an adequate protection of the environment as a collective good and to guarantee the respect of rights of collective incidence over individual rights.

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