Argentina hosts the 7th Meeting of Negotiation of the Regional Agreement on Principle 10

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July 31 was the first day of meeting in which governmental authorities from 24 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, international experts and representatives of civil society resumed negotiations on the regional agreement on Principle 10.

The event was inaugurated by representatives of the government of Argentina, representatives of the public, the Deputy Minister of Environment of Costa Rica – a country that co-chairs the process with the government of Chile – and the Director of the Division of Sustainable Development and Human Settlements of ECLAC .

We emphasize that, from the Argentine government, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Jorge Faurie said that “Argentina supports this initiative and invites all countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to join this process of negotiation so that, With the collaboration of each one – States parties and civil society -, an agreement will be reached that will benefit the region and all its inhabitants.” We welcome the words expressed by the representative of Argentina as he affirms the need to work together with representatives of civil society and to concretize this agreement whose process began in 2012.

In addition, public representatives – Andrés Napoli and Danielle – pointed out that “effective access to environmental information, participation and justice is essential for democracy and natural resource governance, and characterized as solid the process and negotiations reached until the moment.”

This seventh negotiating meeting is scheduled to discuss capacity building for the implementation of the future agreement (Article 10), national actions undertaken by countries signatory to the Declaration on the implementation of Principle 10 and activities carried out by the Technical Secretariat; And the continuation of pending negotiations between them, the administrative, financial and budgetary implications (articles 11 to 25).

As representatives of civil society, we believe that the adoption of a regional agreement, which establishes essential standards in access rights, will strengthen capacities to deal with environmental challenges in the region, and will provide greater equality and environmental sustainability for Latin America and the Caribbean. Caribbean.

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