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We request to participate in the project of access to justice of the Judicial Power

The Office of Human Rights and Justice of the Judiciary of the province of Córdoba, carries out the research-action project on access to justice for vulnerable sectors. From Fundeps we request to participate by providing contributions.

“Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in Spanish. This translation may not be accurate but serves as a general presentation of the article. For more accurate information, please switch to the Spanish version of the website. In addition, feel free to directly contact in English the person mentioned at the bottom of this article with regards to this topic”.

This project aims to develop strategies to improve access to Justice for groups in vulnerable conditions. A second edition of the project is currently underway.

In this stage, access to justice for migrant populations, native peoples, and cases that affect the environment will be worked on. According to the project’s website, it seeks to promote tools to facilitate access to justice, particularly for people or groups of people in situations of vulnerability. It is promoted as a participatory and collective public policy.

The preparation of protocols for access to justice in environmental matters constitutes an initiative in accordance with the commitments assumed by Argentina in the Escazú Agreement. In previous editions, protocols, rights booklets, among other tools aimed at the general public and justice operators were prepared.

In this framework, we ask the Judiciary to open mechanisms for the significant participation of civil society to provide input and enrich the process of building tools. We believe that in the framework of the Escazú Agreement, participation is emerging as an imperative for any policy that may have an impact on the enjoyment of access rights, including access to justice.

These types of initiatives are extremely valuable in a context where environmental problems and conflicts linked to access to public participation, environmental information and justice are commonplace.


Ana Sol Olivera


Juan Bautista Lopez, juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org

*Image source: Justice Córdoba