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Statement for the appointment of the Attorney General of Córdoba

A group of more than 30 organizations in Córdoba prepared a letter expressing our concern over the eventual appointment of Juan Manuel Delgado as Attorney General of the province of Córdoba.

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Today the Legislature of Córdoba is voting for the nomination of Juan Manuel Delgado to the position of Attorney General of the province of Córdoba. The position, by Constitutional mandate, is proposed by the provincial executive and must have the agreement of the Legislature.

Last Thursday, March 11, we attended the Public Hearing that was held and presented observations on some aspects that we consider critical. In this sense, we highlight the lack of independence that we consider to exist when nominating a person who is currently serving in the executive branch, as well as the lack of training and experience in criminal matters, human rights, gender and diversities and environmental problems.

Today, more than 30 organizations made public our concerns regarding the appointment of the proposed Prosecutor. Although they take up some of the points raised at the Hearing, this open letter places special emphasis on the threat that we warn regarding the validity of the sexual and (non) reproductive rights that have been achieved, given the candidate’s previous connections and his statements in the Commission. of Constitutional Affairs.


Nina Sibilla, ninasibilla@fundeps.org

Mayca Balaguer, maycabalaguer@fundeps.org