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Public Hearing for the position of Attorney General of the Province of Córdoba

This Thursday we participated in the Public Hearing to discuss the application of the lawyer Juan Manuel Delgado to the position of Attorney General of the Province of Córdoba, convened on 03/04/2021 through the Official Gazette.

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It was carried out after Governor Juan Schiaretti sent to the Unicameral Legislature of Córdoba, through file No. 32245 / P / 21, the formal proposal for the purpose of requesting agreement for the appointment of Juan Manuel Delgado as Attorney General of the province.

Juan Manuel Delgado, is a lawyer, and currently works as Procurator of the Treasury of the Province of Córdoba (since May 2019). In addition, he was Secretary of the Arbitration Court of the Cordoba Stock Exchange (2012/2018), Member of the Board of Directors of the Cordoba Stock Exchange (2019), Secretary of the Stock Exchange (2018), and Director of the Institute of Legal and Business Investigations of the Córdoba Stock Exchange (2017-2019).

On this occasion, we leave raised the following aspects, which we consider extremely worrying: 1) First, the serious impact on the institutional quality of the province with the application to occupy the highest position of the Public Ministry to a person who has just practiced as a lawyer within the executive power, precisely as a Procurator of the Treasury of the Province of Córdoba, which depends on the State Prosecutor’s Office of the province. This strongly undermines the constitutional mandate of independence among the powers of the State; 2) Secondly, and according to the only information available about the applicant’s career, there is an obvious lack of knowledge and experience in criminal matters, the area of ​​main activity of the Attorney General of the province. In addition to this, there is no evidence in the applicant of training and / or background in human rights, environmental law and in the perspective of gender and diversity.

Finally, we leave it exposed that, beyond the training, experience and trajectory in these topics, which we consider of great relevance, we are interested in the applicant showing a commitment to active work in these matters. The Attorney General’s Work Plan, which defines the priorities of criminal policy, must be public to all citizens and must incorporate these issues.