What is the progress of the Yolanda Law in Córdoba one year after its sanction?

The provincial adherence to the Yolanda Law of mandatory training in environmental matters for people who exercise the public function completed one year. After the stage of construction of basic training guidelines, the Executive Power began to dictate the training.

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In May 2021, the Provincial Legislature passed Law No. 10758 of the Province’s adherence to National Law No. 27592. This provides for mandatory training on the subject of the environment, with a perspective of sustainable development and with special emphasis on climate change. for all people who perform public functions at all levels.

Although the regulations cover the three powers of the State, to date only the beginning of the training in the field of the Executive Power has transpired. Due to this situation, and given the importance of generating this type of training for those who design and implement public policies or resolve environmental conflicts, monitoring its implementation is essential.

For this reason, we ask the three powers of the State for public information on the degree and progress in the implementation of the law. The request for access to public information becomes an important tool when the data is not available to citizens, as long as there is a response from the authorities.

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