We exchanged about learnings in Environmental Justice

Democracia Ambiental

Summoned by the Legal Empowerment Network, numerous NGOs from Latin America participated in a meeting in the city of Santiago de Chile.

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During the first week of April, an event was held that sought to exchange learning on Access to Environmental Justice issues. Together with civil society organizations from Latin America, we participated in conferences that addressed issues related to community empowerment, access to environmental information, public participation, and environmental justice.

From the work experience of the organizations, we talked about the problems that the entire continent is going through in the topics worked on, as well as the various strategies of approach and incidence. Even with the different realities observed, the common pattern that crosses the Latin American States regarding the barriers to access to information, public participation and environmental justice was glimpsed; as well as the threats that environmental defenders must face.

Members of ECLAC and those in charge of implementing the Escazú Agreement participated in one of the sessions. They shared their views on the treaty and possible regulations ahead of the first Conference of the Parties.

Throughout the conference, the different contributions and experiences were collected to guide the joint work of those who make up the Legal Empowerment Network. Undoubtedly, a significant experience in pursuit of guaranteeing access to environmental justice throughout the region.


Juan Bautista López, juanbautistalopez@fundeps.org