In 10 days the public consultation on trans fats ends

On May 12, the public consultation ends where the proposal is evaluated presented by civil society to update Article 155 tris of the Code Argentine Food Code, which regulates the presence of Trans Fats in marketed foods, and thus reduce their content and eliminate partially hydrogenated oils. The organizations invite the
population to support the proposal.

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Aiming to protect the health of the population throughout the country, various civil society organizations came together to work in a better regulation regarding Trans Fats. In this regard, they request that establish a maximum limit of the content of trans fats from production industrial 2% with respect to total fats in all products, including those that are used as ingredients and/or raw materials, and that are prohibit the use of partially hydrogenated oils.

This proposal is currently, and until May 12, in consultation public and it is expected that, based on the participation of the citizenry, it will be approved by the National Food Commission (CONAL). It is a proposal that passed to Public Consultation after the CONAL meetings on March 13 and 14 of this year. In this framework, from the Argentine Federation of Graduates in Nutrition (FAGRAN), the Inter-American Heart Foundation (FIC Arg.), the Argentine Society of Nutrition and Real Foods (SANAR), and the Foundation for the Development of Sustainable Policies (FUNDEPS) the entire community is invited to participate in the Public Consultation process by signing a letter of support for the proposal. In this way, citizens have the opportunity to participate in this instance of discussion on a public health policy.

These fats are found in products such as cookies, snacks, baths, confectionery, among other ultra-processed products, as well as in products of bakery. Scientific evidence establishes that this type of fat is not essential, are not required for any biological function in the body, and are not they have no health benefits. Therefore, international standards recommend that its consumption be eliminated from the world diet.

The Public Consultation takes place until 12/5 and the entire community can participate. To do so, just go to www.chaugrasastrans.org and sign the letter.


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