We provide general guidelines for the Yolanda Law at the provincial level.

In conjunction with Fundación TierraVida and Ecohouse Córdoba, we formulate contributions for the formulation of general guidelines for conducting training within the framework of the Yolanda Law.

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In a note addressed to the Secretary of the Environment of the Province of Córdoba, we presented guidelines for the design of the general guidelines within the framework of the Yolanda law. These guidelines allow directing the methodology and content that will be part of the training received by people who exercise public functions within the framework of the regulations.

The contributions focus mainly on those primary content, procedural and methodological, operational and epistemological issues. Each of the points provided, present the reasons why we believe that they should be taken into account for the purposes of an efficient application, which allows the appropriate approach in accordance with the objective of the law.

We trust that the participatory instances will enrich the guidelines, and consequently the trainings that are ultimately dictated. Likewise, it is valuable that those pillars on which the training is based enjoy legitimacy on the part of civil society organizations and citizens in general.

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