Abortion is law: New judicial defeat for the anti-rights sectors

This Thursday the Superior Court of Justice of Córdoba rejected the appeals that sought to suspend Law 27,610 on Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in our province through a precautionary measure. In this way, it confirms that the regulations continue to be in full force throughout the province.

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With a large majority, the members emphasized the presumption of legitimacy that the law has because it is an act of public power, affirming that it is the link of a policy “in matters of public health.” In short, the Supreme Court held that the validity of a law cannot be suspended by means of a precautionary measure with general scope without damaging the principle of division of powers, as requested by the plaintiff.

In this sense, they emphasized that “the Judicial Power lacks constitutional powers” to review “in the abstract or to interfere” in the legislative policy decisions adopted by “Congress, the quintessential representative of the popular will.” They also highlighted that this law is the result of a democratic debate and has broad social support.

The legalization of abortion brought greater autonomy and freedom in our decisions. Law 27,610 makes the entire judicial and health system adapt to the rights that we managed to conquer and to which the Argentine state was bound both domestically and internationally.

We are facing a new conquest of feminisms. In alliance, we continue working so that all women and people with the ability to carry a child have legal, safe and free access to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.


Clínica de Litigio de Interés Público Córdoba

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