Mapping of training needs of the Popular, Feminist, Social and Solidarity Economy.

Together with the Provincial University of Córdoba (UPC), we began a mapping of training needs of organizations of the Popular, Feminist, Social and Solidarity Economy of the province. The results will be reflected in training proposals adjusted to the requirements of these spaces.

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In order to collect the most relevant and common problems that arise when sustaining these organizations, this survey will result in the design and delivery of training proposals that arise from their own needs.

We bet on the collective construction of knowledge and we value the situated proposals that are significant for organizations that build and sustain the local economy, from alternatives to the logics of looting and capital accumulation.

Therefore, if you are part of or know of any of these organizations, we invite you to complete and / or share the form. So that we can develop a relevant, meaningful and coherent training proposal with your needs.



Cecilia Bustos Moreschi, cecilia.bustos.moreschi@fundeps.org