The Morning Show again incurred media violence

The Ombudsman’s Office responded to the complaint we made against “El Show de la Mañana”, broadcast on Channel 12, for content that spectacularized a situation of clear violence towards a 12-year-old girl.

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On July 19, in the program “El Show de la Mañana”, a content was recorded that recorded an episode of violence suffered by a 12-year-old girl by a woman on public roads.

The Ombudsman said that, “although, as expressed in the query, a critical and condemnatory view of the violent acts by the program’s members is observed, the video exhibition under the modality in which it is carried out, redounds in the spectacularization of an event of serious violence suffered by a girl.”

As a corollary to the complaint and the process initiated, the Ombudsman’s Office proposed to conduct a training activity aimed at the program’s members, and all those who wish to participate in the channel, based on the activities they carry out in the programs . The training took place at the Canal 12 facilities on December 7.

During the activity, they were trained in particular on the guidelines for the issuance of content in time suitable for all public, in order to protect the rights of children in journalistic approaches, since that was what initially motivated the claim. However, the Ombudsman took advantage of the instance with the members of the program, as well as all the personnel of Canal 12 who would like to join to train on other issues related to the rights of the audiences.

In particular, recommendations were provided for the coverage of events related to violence against women. The topic of non-discrimination on the grounds of gender or sexual orientation was deepened in order to denaturalize the discourses that reproduce inequality. Finally, issues related to mental health and suicide were also addressed.

The actions of the Public Defender’s Office are very important, as it acts as a link between the citizens and the audiovisual media, through dialogue with different actors, to motivate the reflection on the themes, as well as to find solutions and mechanisms of reparation for the rights affected. Its actions provide legal guarantees for radio and television audiences, as well as community media, peasant groups and indigenous peoples.

The body is in the same situation of acefalía since 2016, which almost three years ago does not allow it to implement all of its functions. While there is a temporary holder, designated until March 2019, the Ombudsman’s Office continues to carry out its work, in a prudential time, contemplating the rights of the audiences and promoting an inclusive communication and human rights. However, the situation of acefalía not only puts at risk the rights of the hearings, but also harms the public policies that promote communication from a local and community perspective. We hope that the Bicameral Commission responsible for the designation of a defender, will act and appoint a suitable person for this function, enabling the full functioning of this body.

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Nota Defensoría del Público -612-2018

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