The “Majul 910” program and its jokes about sexual abuse

En el programa “Majul 910” que se emite por Radio La Red, en el día martes 18 de octubre, un día antes de la marcha y paro realizados en toda Argentina tras el femicidio de Lucía Pérez, y bajo el lema #MiércolesNegro, un humorista realizó una cadena de chistes atravesados por un estereotipo de belleza que resultan ofensivos y opresivos para las mujeres.

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After comments like “(…) look Majul, my wife is so ugly that she had to make a representation of Beauty and the Beast and Bella made a guy,” he concluded: “My wife is so ugly that they grabbed her Some rapists and, in the dark, dressed, “he quipped as journalists celebrated the commentary, and the art of radio along with jocular sounds and background reporters.

This treatment of information violates the provisions of Law 26.485 on Comprehensive Protection to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence against Women and Law 26.522 on Audiovisual Communication Services, which stipulates that programming must avoid elements that promote acts Discriminatory and violent towards women. It should be remembered that according to the Argentine Criminal Code, the act of sexually violating a person is typified in article 119 and constitutes a crime proper.

This type of content diffused in the media constitute forms of mistreatment and symbolic violence, in which imaginary and reproducing cultural mandates are forms of oppression and domination towards women.

For this reason, it has filed a complaint with the Public Defender’s Office for Audiovisual Communication Services and ENACOM (eg AFSCA), which are bound by the rights of the audiences.

The joker, allegedly innocent, satirizes a crime against sexual integrity based on non-compliance with a mandate: beauty. It is unacceptable to reproduce these words in any medium of communication, especially in this tragic social context towards women, evidenced by the acts of violence and femicides seen in recent years.

We continue to demand that the media commit themselves to promoting and respecting equality, avoiding content that reproduces forms of media violence against women, while respecting their integrity and their rights. These sayings are extremely dangerous and their mere existence is unacceptable. Violence towards women is, above all, a human rights issue, where the media have a huge task to do.

Lastly, there is concern about the lack of formal pronouncement by the Office of the Public Defender and of ENACOM, after more than two months of the corresponding complaints. From FUNDEPS we continue with the monitoring of the open processes, in order to continue with the monitoring of the functioning of these bodies.

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