This Sunday we’ll all be able to observe the election in Córdoba, Argentina

#CBAvota #boletaunicaCBA This coming Sunday 7th August, report on what you see at your polling station and tell us about your experience using the new Boleta Única voting system (where voters receive one ballot paper showing the names of all candidates, as opposed to the old system where voters would receive a separate ballot paper for each candidate). You can do this through your Twitter account or by sending an SMS to 351 2581379. 

Next Sunday, 7th August, provincial authorities will be elected across Córdoba for the first time using the new Boleta Única voting system, as well as an electronic vote pilot to be tried out in La Falda. On that day, the Córdoba Transparente programme (a joint initiative between FUNDEPS and Ciudadanos 365) will reveal its domesticElectoral Observation Mission.

Non-governmental organisations have been authorised for the first time to take charge of the electoral observation process in Córdoba. Córdoba Transparente’s observation team will invigilate the running of the polling booths which will be using the electronic vote in La Falda and the Boleta Única voting system in other localities of the province, gauging the electorate’s perceptions in the use of these voting methods. They’ll also be present at the counting centres in La Falda and Feriar to monitor the scrutinising processes there.

Voters’ observation of the new system

To complement the work carried out by the observation team, we would like to invite all voters to become electoral observers themselves on polling day by using your mobile phones and social networks. By sending us an SMS to 351 2581379 or by posting on our Twitter account (with the hashtags #CBAvota y #boletaunicaCBA) all citizens will be able to report on what they witness at their polling station and tell us about their experience of using the Boleta Única voting system.

We aim to complement the work carried out by the electoral observation team with the perspective of every citizen, meaning we’ll all be contributing to a transparent and democratic process. The lessons learned from this experience will be implemented in October’s national elections.

How to report via SMS? (without additional charges)

It’s really simple, all you have to do is send us an SMS to 351 2581379 with your report, indicating your polling station. Your SMS reports are received via the FrontlineSMS system and posted anonymously on the @CBAvota Twitter account.

In order to receive a reminder on polling day, you have to send us an SMS with the word VOTO before Sunday.

To avoid your report being posted on the @CBAvota Twitter account, you must precede your message with the wordNOPUBLICAR.

If an SMS was sent to you in error and you don’t wish to receive anything else from the number 351 2581379, reply with the word DESUSCRIBIR.

What can citizens report to us?

Problems getting the polling booths open on time;

Delays in casting votes;

Difficulties in using the Boleta Única voting system;

Propaganda used by a candidate or the use of party emblems;

Orientation or inducement to vote a certain way;

Hampering of the vote;

The absence of election officials at the polling station, etc.

We also invite you to make any other comments relating to the electoral process and use of the Boleta Única voting system.

To find out more about the elections: – is where you can look up where to vote (Electoral Register) and have a go on a Boleta Única simulator.

Translated by Thomas Mcguinn