We assume the coordination of the Free Alliance of Smoke of Argentina

On November 8, together with Lic. Patricia Croci, we assumed the coordination of the Argentine Tobacco Smoke Free Alliance (ALIAR).

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ALIAR is a coalition constituted by civil society organizations and referents in the field, which works to promote legislation on tobacco control throughout the Argentine territory. Its main objective is the protection of the health of the population against exposure to second-hand smoke, as well as the reduction and disincentive of their consumption.

This alliance has been working for ten years through a cooperative and interdisciplinary approach. “Among the fundamental achievements of ALIAR are the participation in the elaboration of the national law 26.867 of regulation of advertising, promotion and consumption of tobacco, as well as regulation No. 1203/07 of the provincial law of Tierra del Fuego, one of the greatest advances in matters of public health, when establishing the express prohibition of the exhibition of tobacco products in points of sale “, explains the lawyer Patricia Croci, who had an active participation in the process carried out in Tierra del Fuego. In addition, the coalition has focused in recent years on the generation of evidence for the adoption of effective policies, carrying out surveys in various cities of the country regarding compliance with the regulations on smoke-free environments (HLA) and publicity.

We need to continue working on the advancement of tobacco control policies. In this sense, networks such as ALIAR play a fundamental role by allowing the articulation of references from different parts of the country and the consolidation of work agendas and common objectives, which make it possible to enhance the impacts of our actions.


Maga Merlo Vijarra


Agustina Mozzoni, agustinamozzoni@fundeps.org