We work for a more Inclusive Society

In 2010, FUNDEPS is created, a result from the work of young professionals from Córdoba, Argentina.

The Foundation for the Development of Sustainable Policy (FUNDEPS) is a non for profit organisation developed in Argentina with a focus on the development of a just, equitable and inclusive society. We envision the construction of strategies in which every stakeholder of the society will engage in the promotion of sustainable processes of widening of opportunities and the strengthening of democratic institutions that will ensure the full respect of Human Rights, building a sustainable development policy.

To contribute to the development of these strategies, FUNDEPS works for the establishment of improved relations, rules and institutions in the interactions among the government, the citizenry, the private sector as well as other civil society organizations from the local, national and international level.

To achieve these goals, FUNDEPS promotes the empowerment of the different stakeholders in the development process through initiatives of training, lobbying, policy & research, strategic litigation and cooperation.