What did we do in 2022 for human rights?

Last year was a very significant year for Fundeps and we reflected it in the presentation of our 2022 Yearbook. During that time, we grew, we strengthened our actions and the work team. Above all, we redouble our commitment to a more just, equitable and sustainable society.

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During 2022 we worked very hard to consolidate processes and our team of more than 75 members, including the Board of Directors, Coordination and Volunteering, which continue to grow alongside our advocacy actions.

We take on new challenges to continue promoting the activities in all the thematic agendas that we work on and Fundeps as an institution. We provide information and tools for citizens and for those who are guarantors of rights, we carry out investigations, promote political advocacy actions and judicial presentations, among other activities. In addition, we built networks with different civil society organizations, which allowed us to achieve great achievements. This year he also met us again. We held face-to-face events and meetings that allowed us to interact, exchange and share moments side by side.

Throughout 2022 we fight for the right to live in a healthy environment. To health and proper nutrition. For lives free of violence and for gender equality. For access to justice, public information and citizen participation in the problems and issues that affect us, with a special focus on groups in vulnerable situations.

In short, we go through challenges and collective learning, always motivated by the same vision: a more just, equitable and sustainable society.

We are very excited about the steps taken and the ones to come! We thank each organization, volunteer and partner for the shared efforts that allow us to strengthen each activity.

With great pride we share our 2022 Yearbook!