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La ley 27.610 sigue vigente.

Supreme Court must reject litigation against abortion law

Faced with the ruling of the Federal Court of Appeals of Salta that intends to validate that "every citizen" can request the suspension of the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, a group of civil society organizations filed an appeal…

Salta: the doctor guaranteed the rights of the young woman to a legal interruption of pregnancy

Today they arrested a doctor at the Juan Domingo Perón Hospital, in Tartagal, in Salta, for practicing a Legal Interruption of Pregnancy. The practice was requested by a patient of legal age, in full exercise of her autonomy. To apply for the…

Abortion is law: New judicial defeat for the anti-rights sectors

This Thursday the Superior Court of Justice of Córdoba rejected the appeals that sought to suspend Law 27,610 on Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in our province through a precautionary measure. In this way, it confirms that the regulations…

National Cycle of Training in Legal and Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy

Focusing mainly on students, professionals and workers in the health field, Fundeps, Ecos and Andhes launch a cycle of virtual meetings where different aspects related to the voluntary and legal interruption of pregnancy will be addressed, from…

Legal abortion is still in force in Córdoba

This Wednesday, an opinion signed by Juan Manuel Delgado, Attorney General of Córdoba, was published in the press within the framework of the judicial case promoted by former legislator Aurelio García Elorrio that seeks to suspend in the provincial…

Half a year of legal abortion: progress and challenges

Since its enactment at the end of last year, the IVE law is in full force and its first effects are already being verified in access to practice in health centers throughout the country. Meanwhile, in court, conservative sectors continue to…
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Statement for the appointment of the Attorney General of Córdoba

A group of more than 30 organizations in Córdoba prepared a letter expressing our concern over the eventual appointment of Juan Manuel Delgado as Attorney General of the province of Córdoba. “Below, we offer a google translate…

Legal abortion must be fully enforced throughout the country

Civil society organizations demand, after the precautionary measure decided by a Chaco fair judge, that access to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy be guaranteed in that province. It is a right won in a democratic process, after a long…

We conquer the right to decide: the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy is law

After almost 12 hours of session, with 38 votes in favor, 29 votes against, 1 abstentions and 4 absent senators, the Senate approved the Law of Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy. The Campaign for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion, after 15 years…