Challenges in the implementation of abortion: the Meeting of the National Alliance of Lawyers for the Human Rights of Women was held

On April 8 and 9, members of the National Alliance of Lawyers for the Human Rights of Women from all over the country met in Córdoba.

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More than 50 lawyers from different parts of the country met last weekend to discuss the challenges in the implementation of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law and design legal strategies to overcome them.

Among the challenges encountered in access to the rights recognized by Law 27,610, more than a year after its sanction, the lack of knowledge about the law in the community, the geographic and economic barriers to access, the lack of of availability of health centers, the obstruction by social works and prepaid medicine companies, the obstruction derived from the abuse of the figure of conscientious objection and the improper judicialization of access to abortion. A special concern was expressed about the criminalization of the doctor Miranda Ruiz in the province of Salta, for which it was agreed to articulate strategies to support the request for her dismissal.

The meeting, led by lawyers from civil society organizations that make up the Alliance (Catholics for the Right to Decide, Fundeps, Amnesty International, CELS, ELA and Fundación MxM) allowed the exchange of local experiences and the strengthening of networks for the defense rights from a feminist perspective.

The Alliance is an intergenerational and federal space created in 2011 and made up of 300 legal professionals from 20 provinces. It is an articulation that allows the exchange between those who exercise the Law from different fields and for a more equitable and egalitarian society.

With the energies renewed thanks to the reunion, they agreed and articulated lines of action to continue demanding the effective application of the law throughout the country and online.