Cooperativism and Labor Organization at the Provincial University of Córdoba

We started the Cooperativism and Labor Organization course within the framework of the Textile Diploma at the UPC (Provincial University of Córdoba).

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Last Tuesday, the first meeting of the workshop on “Cooperativism and Labor Organization” was held, which seeks to enable debates around the logic of labor organizations. Together with the UPC, the first module was given where, throughout the day, topics were presented to rethink the economy and vindicate the identity of the workers of the Social and Solidarity, Popular and Feminist Economy.

The Diploma in Collaborative Processes of Textile Production is an instance of learning, communication and collaboration for all people with an interest in getting involved in textile knowledge from a critical and cooperative perspective proposed in coordination with the Network of Textile Producers of the Province of Córdoba.

This training initiative aims to guide the people involved towards a social and sustainable link with the profession and the trade, providing them with tools for its realization and motivating them to reflect on their practices.

From the work experience of the organizations, we talked about the problems that arise when it comes to sustaining self-managed organization spaces, as well as the strategies used by the different organizations to face the socio-economic crisis.

Throughout the conference, topics related to labor organization will be worked on, such as: administrative and legal tools, tax aspects and more.

Registration is still open at the following link: Enrollment in the Diploma in Collaborative Textile Production Processes


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