Provincial meeting of Feminist Economy: strengthening the networks that support us

We invite self-managed spaces and organizations from the Other economies to participate in the Provincial Meeting of Feminist Economy. It will be held on September 16 and 17 at the City of Arts (Provincial University of Córdoba).

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From our Feminist Economy agenda, we are committed to strengthening alternative economies that put life at the center, starting from a feminist approach and valuing forms of collective and democratic construction.

For this reason we invite organizations, self-managed spaces, enterprises and cooperatives from Córdoba to the Provincial Meeting of Feminist Economy.

We hope to generate a space that enables dialogues that allow us to recover, share and build knowledge and practices related to the Feminist Economy, in exchange with the Ecological, Popular and Social and Solidarity Economy from the paradigm of the sustainability of life.

Tentative timeline

The Meeting will be held on September 16 and 17 at the City of Arts.

Friday 09/16 – starts at 5:00 p.m.: we will share an instance of dialogue and exchange with referents of the Feminist Economy.

Saturday 09/17 – starts at 9am:
*Morning and siesta: workshops and exchange spaces (subject to change)
Topics: Management of social networks | Public policies (obstacles and opportunities) | Administrative tools for self-management | Transfeminisms | Digital gap*We close with a fair open to all public. Those who attend the meeting will be able to participate in a holiday.


Organize: Fundeps, Espacio de Economía Feminista y Fundación Heinrich Böll.

Support: Universidad Provincial de Córdoba

Adhere: El Resaltador, La Tinta, Ciscsa, Enfant Terrible, Mundo Sur, Unidad Central de Políticas de Género de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNICEPG), Incubadora Feminista Latinoamericana. 

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