Strengthening other economies

Together with the Latin American Feminist Incubator, we advanced in the process of strengthening the self-managed and community organizations of the province of Córdoba that were selected after the call for scholarships.

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The call for scholarships to strengthen self-managed and community organizations in Córdoba ended on May 14 with 67 registered organizations from across the province. The number of organizations that applied for this call reveals two trends. On the one hand, the large number of self-managed spaces of the Popular, Feminist, Ecological, Social and Solidarity Economy that exist in the province and that show that Another economy exists and is possible. However, and here is the other trend, the need for comprehensive public policies that promote them is notable.

All the spaces that were nominated show a diversity of organizational forms and self-managed activities that represent a great contribution to the community and local economies, which made the selection process an arduous instance full of reviews and discussions.

Following the selection and priority criteria announced in the call, we selected 7 beneficiary organizations for a total grant: Aquelarre VCP, Comadres, Mercado Coop, MEPA, Hacé Pinta, Mokitas and Alternativa Marginal. We will be working together with them until October in an intense strengthening process.

Between May and June, we began a diagnostic process that consisted of a self-diagnosis survey and then a personal interview with each organization to identify their perceptions and realities regarding the obstacles and particular strengths that each of them has identified. This stage is fundamental as it allows to recognize, project, and build an economic sustainability plan based on the own experiences, desires, needs, realities and expectations of each organization.

From July to September, we will advance with the strengthening process itself, consisting of a series of trainings, practical application workshops, personalized meetings with members of each organization, and mentoring. This stage is the central node of the strengthening process for the economic sustainability of these organizations. Throughout this stage, spaces for meeting and joint construction will be generated, sharing interests, positions, projects and knowledge, in pursuit of the economic sustainability of the selected organizations.

We hope that, through this project and together with the different self-managed organizations selected, we can advance in the construction, implementation and evaluation of tools for the diagnosis, planning and management of resources so that a self-managed space not only sustains itself financially but also collaborate in the sustainability of the lives of its members.

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