Practices taken care of for the care of the interruption of pregnancy

Together with the ECOS Foundation, we have prepared a guide with fundamental contents to carry out comprehensive, careful and safe care for the Voluntary and Legal Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE/ILE).

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This guide is intended for people who work in the health field and are part of the care and attention processes, from receiving the consultation, direct participation in the practice and subsequent care. It is also a useful material for those who are in the process of professional training in areas related to health.

The guide contains an accessible development of the legal framework and key aspects to understand the scope of Law 27610 and other regulations to which it refers. Describes the rights of users and the responsibilities of health personnel.

Next, it proposes a comprehensive care model for the practice, so that all the people involved in it can offer a quality service that is respectful of human rights, from the consultation, during the care and after the interruption of pregnancy. It introduces the types of recommended treatments and develops the medical and administrative aspects to be taken into account when carrying out the practice. Finally, it has a series of updated references and resources for consultation.

We hope that this material will be useful and serve as a basis for all health personnel involved in the care of pregnancy interruption, from the first contact with the person who consults and to the subsequent care, to be able to carry out their work of The best way.


Mayca Balaguer – maycabalaguer@fundeps.org